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    Touch screenTouch screen


    The programmable controllerThe programmable controller


    The soft starterIs suitable for the scope of power4To1200KWThe three-phase ac asynchronous motor


    The inverterATV11For rated power in0.18KWTo2.2KWBetween the three phase squirrel cage asynchronous


    Circuit breakersCircuit breakers,Ac contactor,Motor start and protection


    Air switchLow voltage power distribution products,The reliability of the products and high quality,At the same time pay attention to practical and convenient installation
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    Wholeheartedly serve the nanchang JingChen automation technology co., LTDOEMCustomer and plate factory。Mainly for industrial automation,In harmony、Work、Trade in a body,Specialized in industrial automatic The project design、The installation、Debugging and other services and agent sales of various types of imported brand electrical and automation products of private high and new technology。Provide a powerful engineering technology service and the domestic scale great electrical distribution and industrial automation system integration。

    With strong technical strength and good reputation,With the world famous industrial control products manufacturer France schneider has established the long-term, stable relations of cooperation,In the face of fierce competition market of industrial control products,Will forge ahead spirit into full play,Strict management,Perfect service system,Focus on customer satisfaction and responsibility to society,Use up...

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    • In the recent the 12th China international machine tool exhibition in Beijing(CIMES2014)On,Mitsubishi electric automation(China)Co., LTD., with a brand new machine product for the customer presented a great feast。The numerical control system of mitsubishi motor

    • 2014Years6Month26Day,The United Nations global compact network hosted by China2014Pay attention to the climate summit in China,Omron(Shanghai)Co., LTD. With its in supporting the construction of ecological civilization、Outstanding performance in energy conservation and emissions reduction,Won “Shut

    • 【2014Years7Month8Day,Beijing】“2013-2014The 9th China's best customer service”Results in7Month8Announced formally in Beijing。Omron automation(China)Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Omron automation”)From

    • FY14The annual omron automation(China)Co., LTD dealers conference in6Month27In the pleasant scenery of guilin。A total of126Name of representatives of the dealers from all over the country and omron related attended the event。At the meeting,O

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